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ANDANTE - Stabilisation for fractures

More safety for doctor and patient

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The unique ANDANTE splint combines three major advantages to revolutionise emergency admission work:

Simple initial treatment
The ergonomic and user-friendly design means emergency teams can stabilise fractures of the entire leg (including the neck of the femur) with an anatomically correct axial alignment, simply and with a minimum of physical effort. The ANDANTE splint allows rapid, pain-free support of the fractured lower extremity. The simple application offers increased safety for both users and patients and substantially reduces the work involved.


Pain reduction

Pain reduction
Pain reduction of up to 90% is possible as the fracture is only to a small extent in traction.

Improved radiographic images
The optimal stabilisation of the fractured area improves the clarity of anatomically axially-aligned radiographic images. The proper use of the ANDANTE splint also ensures that the quality of the images remains consistent without increasing the radiation dosage. The splint is manufactured from X-ray transparent, non-magnetic material and is thus suitable for the full diagnostic process (radiographic, CT and MRI imaging).



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The ANDANTE Senior splint is manufactured of acrylic glass (PMMA) and thus meets hygiene regulations. For children it is available as ANDANTE Junior with a reduced surface. The preparation of accident X-ray images of the lower extremities with any X-ray technology is properly covered with these two models.

The splint has undergone a year-long series of documented pre-clinical trials, including risk management, in the Bruneck/Brunico health district in South Tyrol, Italy, with very good results. Furthermore, a study has also been conducted by the Department for Accident Surgery at the Klinikum Rechts der Isar of Munich Technical University.

ANDANTE – more safety for doctor and patient




Red Dot Award

FORMED is the proud winner of the Red Dot Award – Honourable Mention. Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. The distinction is based on the principle of selection and presentation. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries.

Statement by the jury
The splint’s ergonomic design makes it intuitive to use, indicating the optimal positioning of the entire leg an providing significant pain reduction for the patient.

In the context of emergency medicine, the Andante splint enables simple, pain-free support of fractures anywhere on the leg, including the femoral neck. The optimal stabilisation of the fractured area markedly improves the clarity of the radiographic images taken. The splint is manufactured from an X-ray-transparent, non-magnetic material and is thus suitable for all medical imaging procedures.

STRINGENDO - gloves ready to hand

A system to make work easier

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STRINGENDO is a container for keeping all standard packs of non-sterile single-use gloves. The different glove sizes are clearly arranged and marked.

The STRINGENDO dispenser is available in a light metal design with surface coating and thus meets all hygiene standards. STRINGENDO is available as a container for two or three packs. It can be attached to e.g. walls, furniture or mobile equipment such as medicine trolleys. The pre-drilled holes make mounting simple. FORMED offers an assembly service for customer-specific attachment solutions.

STRINGENDO – a system to make work easier

TENUTO - A tidy solution for crutches

Keeping the sick room tidy

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When a patient needs crutches there is always the problem of where to store them in the sick room so that they are always accessible to the patient while not hindering care staff in the performance of their duties. The solution is to use TENUTO crutch holders, installed on the patient’s bedside table. The crutches are kept out of the way yet are accessible to the patient at any time. The TENUTO crutch holder is available in high-grade stainless steel.

TENUTO – keeping the sick room tidy