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The word “medicine” comes from the Latin ars medicina, the art of healing. FORMED stands for a new type of medicine, developing devices for a new art in order to facilitate and improve the work of all hospital personnel.

Who are FORMED?
FORMED consists of two creative human beings who complement each other perfectly in the development of new products.

Karl Josef Forer has worked for over 30 years now in the medical sector. His vocation was decided from an early age as his father was a doctor. His training as an electronics engineer then led him into the medical sector. His work with the White Cross (emergency services) and his daily work as a hospital radiologist have made him fully aware of the difficulties arising in both his specialist area and those of his colleagues, ensuring that he is always up-to-date in these matters.  

Bernold Weithofer, managing director of FORMED, has a background in the metalworking industry. As the owner of a turning and milling shop for many decades, he is used to thinking in a progressive, future-oriented way and can provide valuable help in the technical realisation of products.

How are FORMED products developed?
The development process for new products begins with a thorough analysis of the individual operational sequences in the hospital. If a work routine can be simplified or shortened by means of a device, a search is made for existing patents. If there is no such suitable solution, its development is immediately introduced into the project programme. Initially complex approaches to solutions are thus simplified over the course of development, so that the end of the process sees a market-ready piece of equipment that can be operated by hospital personnel without extensive training.

The products are manufactured with the highest attention to the quality of materials used. FORMED products also meet high standards in terms of ergometry, design and hygiene.

FORMED developments are all covered by patent prior to their entry on the market.